Active Player

word type: noun

  1. A player still involved in a pot.

Poker Etiquette

If you are not an active player, do not discuss the hand being played, especially if someone is all-in and someone is pondering a call. If you are mulling your action after an opponent bets, do not discuss the hand, your cards, or the bettor's possible cards if there are still other active players. These transgressions can unfairly influence others' actions.

Side Pot

If a player is all-in, it is possible for him to be both an active and inactive player. If he is called by more than one opponent with more chips than he has, there will be a side pot between those opponents. The all-in player is an active player in the main pot, but an inactive player in the side pot.

Calling the Clock

While legal, it is generally considered poor form to call the clock on someone if you are not an active player. There can be extreme cases where it is ok, but most of the time, it is wise to just butt out of other players' pots.