word type: acronym

  1. An Acronym for Beats, Brags, and Variance.
  2. A common thread type on many poker themed message forum websites. These typically attract the site's biggest whiners, complainers, and luckboxes.
  3. A completely useless collection of text on a website.

Typical Beat Post

Title: "zOMG the WORST beat of my life!!!!!"

Message: Okay I have KT offsuit under the gun and I limp in. The button raises 4x the big blind and everyone folds so I call.

FLOP: KT8 all different soots. I check and he bets so I min raise. He calls.

TURN: 2. I bet like half the pot and he goes all in so I call.

He Shows 88!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!??!?!

How can I run so bad?!?!?!?

Typical Brag Post

Title: "BRAG!!!! HIT QUADS in the GNUF POKER FREEROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Message: I had pocket 33 and I limp in and the flop came 336!!!! I was like OOOOOOOH WOW! So I went all in right there but he folded.

Typical Variance Post


Message: Yo yo yo doggz, I cant contain this no more and I have to tell you guyz the real truth ...... seriously ....... I cant even believe these freeroll people they are just rude and annoying and I cant even tell you how stupid they play poker ...... why would they go all in preflop with something like QJ ...... It just makes me want to call them idiots ...... I mean it just keeps happening over and over I go all in with a pocket pair and then someone calls either with a better pocket pair ...... I f'ing swear I have never won a coinflip in 259 years of playing poker ...... It's all rigged I don't even know why I bother......