Drawing Dead

word type: verb

  1. To be in a position such that no card that falls on any street could give a player the winning hand. For example, a player who held 7-8 against A-K on a board of A-A-2-2 is said to be "drawing dead" against his opponent's three aces.

In Everyday Life

Let's say you're a pimply out-of-shape 16 year old with little-to-no personality. You're said to be "drawing dead" with regards to your chances of dating the hottest girl in school.

In another scenario, let's say you're offered a freeroll to play Lebron James in a game of basketball. You'd be "drawing dead" unless your name is Kobe Bryant and you play for the Lakers.

Lastly, the Red Sox, Phillies and Cubs are all drawing dead to win the World Series.

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