Hachem Syndrome

word type: poker slang

  1. A feeling of entitlement, also marked by a complete lack of perspective and a high level of delusion, that originates from running insanely good. Usually a condition seen in WSOP ME winners.

Evidence of Hachem Syndrome

- When a man (Joe Hachem) who has won the WSOP main event as well as another poker tournament at the Bellagio for lifetime cashes over $10M (better results than any poker player could possibly expect to achieve in a lifetime) complains about losing a hand, declaring, "Story of my life" in front of ESPN cameras after getting 3-outed and/or berates opponents after getting bluffed.

- When a man (Greg Raymer) who has won the World Series of Poker main event for $5M (a result that very few poker players will enjoy in their lifetime) rips up a playing card during a 2008 WSOP preliminary event and explains his actions in a 2+2 thread by saying that he had been running bad for the series and was frustrated.