I Had a Read

word type: who knows

  1. A common saying for poker players after they make a bad play that turns out well. The most common bad play that results in usage of this saying is when poker players make a bad call.

Popular Uses

I had a read. -POTRIPPER

Why This Saying is Popular

When poker players make bad plays, they need an excuse to justify it to themselves. When they say "I had a read" they feel like any play is justified because they think to themselves "how can anyone else deny that I am really good at picking up super top secret ninja reads???". What most players don't realize is that any smart poker player knows that they're just making a bullshit excuse and that they only make themselves look sillier by making a transparent lie. Poker players who are actually good at picking up subtle reads are also smart enough not to tell someone about it. After all, why would anyone reveal a poker tip when they can make a lot of money from it and they will lose the ability to make that money if they reveal the tell?

People that make this excuse in a serious manner are Grade A certified poker fish.