Last of the Mohicans

word type: who knows

  1. A metaphor for the last poker tournament remaining after a Sunday circuit.

Significance, Credit, Usage

Sunday is a long, grueling day of poker tournament action for the community of online tournament players. Most players start the day as early as 9:45 PST and don't finish until 14 hours later.

Poker Terms contributor Shane Schleger coined this term, in reference to one of his favorite movies, in order to describe the very last tournament he was still alive in at the end of a busy Sunday circuit schedule.

So, when someone asks around 11PM on a Sunday, "What are you still left in?" it might be typical to hear in response, "Two hundred rebuy, Last of the Mohicans."

Michael Mann Film

Here is the trailer from the 1992 masterpiece Last of the Mohicans, a movie about the French and Indian War, directed by Michael Mann and starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe: