word type: noun

  1. A weakness or flaw in one's poker game.

Popular Uses

...the real leak in your game is not that you don't focus on your loss but that you look at what the other guy did wrong, instead of analyzing your own play. -blogger Poker Shrink

I found where my leak is: my wallet. -Me

I need to stop calling with marginal hands out of position. This is a major leak in my game which is causing me to throw away bets. -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

It can be very difficult to examine your own game to find leaks. The great thing about online poker is that there is software available that can help accomplish this task. Popular software packages such as Poker Tracker and PokerOffice can assist you in analyzing the hands you have played online so that you can identify certain situations, such as starting hole cards or table position, where you have the least success. Once the leaks are identified, you can work on plugging those holes in your game.

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