Lucky You

word type: media

  1. A 2007 motion picture about a Las Vegas poker player named "Huck Cheever," starring Eric Bana in the lead role, Robert Duvall as his father, and Drew Barrymore as Bana's love interest.


How did Curtis Hansen--the man who directed such cinematic classics as L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys, Bad Influence and 8 Mile--create a movie that would have probably been more entertaining if Curtis Jackson had directed it?

Poker Terms film critics are still scratching their heads on this one.

Some mistakes the filmmaker made include:

- Casting real-life poker players in the role of other poker players.

- Creating a convoluted father/son dynamic that interfered with the poker themes.

- Misrepresenting the basic nature of poker players, as demonstrated in the sequence where the main character Huck acts like an indignant brat when his girlfriend doesn't automatically cheat on his behalf during a golf prop bet.

Happy Trails

Lucky for you that Poker Terms did not include a longer clip; the trailer from Lucky You: