word type: verb

  1. To fold losing cards into the middle of the table face down without showing.
  2. The collective name for discarded or unused cards in a hand. (noun)

Popular Uses

The two things you need to be successful in poker are, first, find the muck, and second, don't play your own money. -David "Devilfish" Ulliott

I was on a stone-cold bluff, so my cards hit the muck before he could finish saying the word "raise." -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

Cards that touch any part of the muck are generally considered dead, so always protect your cards until you are sure you want to let them go. In the interest of fair play, however, if a player's cards are mistakenly mucked but are still able to be identified, they can (and really should, unless you play with severe nits) be retrieved from the discard pile.

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