word type: noun

  1. A simplified version of proposition betting, players are wagering on the appearance of of a subset of cards vs. a different subset that belongs to another player.
  2. (Otis/Aretha) Respect. "Propers."


One player will have cards 3,4,6 while another one has the 8,9,10. Whenever the 3,4, or 6 appear, the player with those cards wins money from his competitor. Additionally, one of those cards might be called the "big boy" and have a higher payout than the other cards. Other variations for payouts involve card suits.

Skill Game

You might be thinking that props have zero edge and just represent idle gambling for degenerate gamblers. For the most part, you'd be right; however, there are players who find their edge gambling props when the other player sleeps his prop cards (forgetting to identify that the card has appeared on the board), and a player who is aware and focused can have an edge in a session.