Rogue Poker Sites

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  1. Poker sites that cannot be trusted to pay out or run a fair game.

Confirmed Rogue Sites

CardSpike: CardSpike is a skin on the Cake Poker network. While there are many reliable rooms on the Cake Poker network (Cake itself, Players Only, etc), CardSpike has been unwilling to pay out money to people who are both owed money and have requested it. You should not play on CardSpike.

PokerSpot: PokerSpot, which has been out of business for years, was Dutch Boyd's online poker room. PokerSpot went out of business while still owning hundreds of thousands to players. According to Dutch, the reason for the problem was a rogue payment processor who never paid PokerSpot.

You can find more information about rogue poker operators on Bonus Whores' list of blacklisted operators.

Debatable Rogue Sites

Absolute Poker: In the fall of 2007, Absolute Poker management lied to customers and attempted to cover up a cheating scandal. After AP actually admitted the scandal, the site has been considerably more forthcoming with players and other industry people. However, at one point, Absolute Poker was definitely a rogue poker site. By most indications, the site has been cleaned up. Absolute Poker is currently attempting to regain trust with the poker community.