Side Pot

word type: noun

  1. A pot created by extra betting after a player is all in by other players still remaining in the hand. The side pot is separate in a hand from the main pot or "center pot."

Side Pot Example

Player A has $1,000, Player B has $600, and Player C has $200.

Player A bets $100, Player B raises to $300, Player C calls all-in for his remaining $200, and Player A calls Player B's raise of $300.

Because Player C could not call the full raise, there is now a main pot and a side pot. The side pot is the money that has been bet by Players A and B above what Player C was able to bet. Therefore, the side pot is $200, consisting of the $100 both Player A and Player B put in beyond Player C's $200 all-in call.

You Should Also Know...

A "dry" side pot is a non-existent side pot. In the above example, there would be a dry side pot if Player B raised to $200 and Player A just called after Player C's all-in. In that case, all three players would have $200 at stake and no side pot would have been formed.

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