word type: noun

  1. A word used to describe the rate that a poker player will win money at in cash game play. Typically measured in "big bets per 100 hands" or less commonly "big blinds per 100 hands."

How to Calculate Win Rate in Big Bets

Big Bets per 100, otherwise abbreviated as ptBB/100 (pt stands for Pokertracker which first adopted this system) is calculated by first finding out how much a Big Bet is worth at a given cash game level. The math is simple for this as one simply doubles the big blind. For example at a $0.50 - $1 table a big bet is worth $2.

Therefore to calculate a winrate we can look at the following example: 500 hands, +$78 profit, played at 100nl ($0.50 - $1 blinds)

1 Big Bet in this example is equal to $2.
500 hands divided by 5 = 100 Hands (we want to know per 100 hands)
$78 divided by 5 = $15.6/100 Hands
$15.6 divided by 2 (definition of 1 Big Bet) = 7.8ptBB/100

Acceptable Winrates in Hold'em

Acceptable winrates in Hold'em for any level of play amongst the large sites is always a hotly contested debate at many popular forums. Clearly, any winrate a player has in the positive is ahead of approximately 60% of the people that play online cash game poker. Winrates typically vary between the small (1-2ptBB/100) to the normal (2.1 – 4.9ptBB/100) to the high (5ptBB/100+). Depending on the level of play players often debate the range between the possibilities of these winrates.