word type: noun

  1. Term for a poker player who puts constant pressure on his opponents.
  2. (Movie) Motion picture directed by Larry Clark based on the true story of high school kids who stood up against a peer (played by Nick Stahl) that was using psychological and physical intimidation to manipulate his clique.

Concept of Bullying in Poker

The idea behind a "bullying" style of play is that a poker player could steamroll over his opponents during hands by playing a constantly aggressive style of poker and accumulating chips on a regular basis.

By the time opponents wised-up to this style and played back, the bully would have accumulated enough chips to nullify the setback. Other times, the bully would actually have a hand, making the style consummately effective.

End of the Poker Bully Era

The era when "bullying" was an effective style of poker has largely passed. Poker players today have a better sense of hand ranges and frequencies and can adjust more effectively to aggressive opponents, largely nullifying the edge that a pure bullying style once maintained.