word type: noun

  1. A tournament with no monetary entry fee. Also called a "freeroll tournament."
  2. Referring to a player who is lucky to be in a tournament, as in "on a freeroll."
  3. A hand in which a player is guaranteed to at least split the pot, but still has a chance to scoop the entire pot outright. Also called a "freeroll hand."

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Popular Uses

We were both all-in after the flop of 5-6-9, as we both had 7-8 for a straight. But mine was suited and there was one of my suit on the board, so I had a freeroll to the flush. -Unknown

I won $10 in an online poker freeroll and have used that to build my bankroll to several thousand dollars without ever depositing a penny. -Unknown

Yeah...$3 for five hours of work...that freeroll was worth it. -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

Many novice players can be caught unaware by a freerolling opponent. If you suspect that your opponent has the same hand as you, but you would be on a freeroll to a better hand, get him to commit all of his chips. In a cash game, you may sacrifice a little rake, but you also have a risk-free shot at stacking your opponent.

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