word type: poker slang

  1. A slang term given to a single tournament that gains direct entry into a higher buy-in (be it money or player points) tournament in its series that often culminates in a big buy-in tournament with a large prize package.


For the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, PokerStars has a 6 Step tournament series to get players a $12,000 prize package to participate in the popular tournament in Las Vegas. The Step games are played as a Sit and Go tournament with the top two moving on to the next step in the series.

Step 1: Entry = $7.50 or 500 FPPs or a Step 1 Ticket.

Step 2: Entry = $27 or 1,750 FPPs or a Step 2 ticket.

Step 3: Entry = $82 or 5,125 FPPs or a Step 3 ticket.

Step 4: Entry = $215 or 13,500 FPPs or a Step 4 ticket.

Step 5: Entry = $700 or a Step 5 ticket.

Step 6: $2,100 or a Step 6 ticket.