Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you the authority on Poker Terms?

We own the domain Seriously. That's it. I guess we also have a lot of experience in and around the online poker community, but, mainly, it's just the domain thing.

Do you plan on adding [some term]?

If it's about poker or even tangentially related in the slightest manner, then the answer is yes. You can help us out by submitting a term for consideration.

So if I submit a term is it definitely going to get in?

Well, no. But it stands a pretty good chance. There are a few reasons we might not include a term you submit. First, if we have a very closely related term. For instance, if we have the term "bad beat" we probably won't put up a page defining "bad beats". It's too similar. Second, if we can't find anything to put on the page for a term or if we doubt it's a real term. For instance, if someone submits the term "New York Cheesecake Surprise" and claims that it's when someone has a suited connector and bad beats an overpair all-in preflop... well, I'm not so sure that's a term being used by anyone. So if a term is really really obscure, we might not include it. But if you get a lot of people on a forum like PocketFives or 2+2 to start using it, then of course we'll include it. The third reason we might not include a term is if we don't like you.