Euro Lagtards

word type: noun

  1. An overly aggressive poker player from Europe.

Where to Play with Euro Lagtards?

Both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are packed with euro lagtards.

What does Lagtard mean?

Lagtard is a combination of the expression: Loose Aggressive Retard. In poker, LAG is a term used for Loose Aggressive, TAG is a term used for Tight Aggressive, etc. Therefore, LAG was combined with "tard" (a common way for shortening the word retard) and, thus, Lagtard was born.

Famous Euro Lagtards

A lot of them play on Full Tilt Poker. One very famous "TV Pro" euro lagtard is Gus Hansen, who is a member of Team Full Tilt. Other top online euro lagtards are TerrorOfSweden and LarsLuzak.

Are Euro Lagtards Bad at Poker?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. A lot of euro lagtards can win at very high rates against the right opponents. The reason is that over-aggression in poker can actually be a winning strategy in the long-run against the right mix of players (ie, players who fold too much). However, against top players who can recognize things like bluffing frequencies and betting patterns, euro lagtards will eventually go busto. However, that does not mean that euro lagtards are easy to play against - in fact, they can be among the most difficult opponents in certain cases.

Similar Terms

A similar but not identical term is Euro Donks. Euro donks are players who are players who are bad at poker and are from Europe.