word type: verb

  1. To discard one's hand and concede the pot to an opponent.

Popular Uses

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. -Kenny Rogers

I fold. -All but the worst poker players.

It's going to finish when I fold my hand and go up to the big poker game in the sky. -Al Alvarez

In Popular Culture

The term "fold," like many poker terms, has become common in everyday English for more than just its poker meaning. When used outside of a poker game, people often use the term "fold" to mean "give up."

You Should Also Know...

In most casinos, verbal declarations are binding, so saying "fold" or "I fold" is a proper way to indicate that you are surrendering your hand. But in the case of a fold, it is also acceptable to simply place or lightly toss your cards face down into the muck. Alternatively, you may turn your cards face down and slide them across the table to the dealer, who will then place them with the discards.

In a stud game, in which some cards in each player's hand are face up, the common practice when folding is to turn all cards face down.

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