word type: noun

  1. Cards dealt face down to a player that only he knows. Often used in conjunction with the term "pocket pair," which occurs when both hole cards are of the same rank, such as 7-7 or J-J.


A player's cards are concealed from view, just as they would be if they were actually in his pocket.

Don't Take it Literally

We at PokerTerms.com do not recommend trying to make your pocket cards literally your pocket cards. Taking cards off the table, even if they are still in plain view, is a big no-no in a casino.

Cover Up

Always protect your pocket cards by placing an object, even a poker chip or your hands, over them until you are ready to release your hand. This prevents any irregularities, such as the dealer accidentally mucking your hand or your pocket cards getting mixed up with someone else's, from happening. An object on top of your pocket cards indicates that your hand is still in play.

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