Community Cards

word type: noun

  1. Cards dealt face up on the table and shared by all players. The players will also be dealt face down hole cards which will be used in conjunction with the community cards, depending on the game, to form a poker hand.

Popular Uses

My pocket Jacks were the best hand before the flop, but the community cards were not friendly to me, as they gave my opponent four-of-a-kind while turning my hand into what I thought was an unbeatable full house. -Unknown


No real origin, but it is fairly obvious that the word "community" refers to the "community" of players at the table.

You Should Also Know...

Community cards are used in what are perhaps the two most popular forms of poker, Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hold'em. In stud games, the face up cards are held by each player individually, not shared amongst everyone at the table. The dynamics change when you actually share the face up cards, as they can help multiple players equally or, more likely, help one and hurt another.