Mexican Holdem

word type: noun

  1. A version of Texas Holdem where the game is Limit Holdem preflop and No Limit Holdem postflop


As per MrTimCaum:

fyi, the mexican holdem thing is an old joke. during the la poker classic at commerce back in february, vivek was sitting with jc alvarado on day 1. that night i was eating with vivek and he said something like "does JC really just minraise preflop every time it folds to him?" and i convinced vivek that JC learned how to play poker using "mexican holdem" rules that only allow limit preflop and then no limit postflop. i then went on to tell him that the LAPT would be played using mexican holdem rules and that he should see if he could buy some of JC's action since JC is clearly the best mexican holdem player in the world.


Top Mexican Holdem Players

JC Alvarado, also known as PrtyPSux

Mexican Holdem in the Real World

As per FatalError regarding the 2008 LAPT Mexico event in Nuevo Vallarta, which was suspended by local officials who were interested in a larger bribe:

I just got some news in from the federales that clears some things up, aparently they had the correct permits but were neglecting local laws that made only mexican poker legal (they were appalled to hear of american "texas" hold'em being played in their country). apparently the only legal form of poker is "mexican hold'em", where you have to play limit preflop and no limit after the flop.

the rest of the tournament is being completing using local mexican poker rules


As it turns out, this was simply a rumor and the totally awesome potential of Mexican Holdem being played was not actually true. The tournament was cancelled and Mexico's corrupt political system looked as retarded as ever in the process.