Mexican Bankroll

word type: noun

  1. A stack of money that has been doctored to look more valuable than it really is with lower denomination bills (usually $1s) in the middle of two $100 bills.


Although many might consider this term (and rightfully so) to be slanderous of Mexican people, the term originates from the old days of poker. The term has been used by players like Doyle Brunson who used to see such "bankrolls" from players when he would go from city to city looking for poker games.

How To Make One

To make your own Mexican Bankroll, simply get yourself two brand new $100 bills. Then put one on top and the other on the bottom of about 98 one-dollar bills. To the casual observer, it would appear that you would have a stack of one-hundred $100 bills for a value of $10,000. The truth would be that you only had $298.