Bankroll Hunting

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  1. Identifying the size of an opponent's online poker bankroll and then attempting to take the entire bankroll

Top Bankroll Hunters

While many profess to be professional bankroll hunters, the best in the world are actually: thorladen, Ozzy 87, MrSmokey1 and Empire2000. These four internet poker players founded the term "bankroll hunting" and they practice their hunting skills on a daily basis.

Learn to Act Like a Hunter

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What do you say after a successful hunt? Answer: shittinnnnnnnn.

How do you figure out someone's bankroll? Answer: You may see them rebuy for a random amount (say $3429.75) after previously buying in for $5000 at 25/50 NL. Alternatively, you may see them get up from a table where they have a big stack in order to help fund their other tables.

How long do bankroll hunts last? Answer: As long as they need to. A true hunter never gives up until they've caught a bankroll.