Dead Money

word type: noun

  1. Term referring to money in a hand that was contributed by players who are no longer involved. For example, if the small blind were to fold, his blind would be considered "dead money."
  2. Describing novices at a table who are likely to be outmatched by more skilled players (adjective).

Popular Uses

I knew my opponent probably had a made hand and I was only drawing to a gutshot straight, but there was so much dead money in the pot from all the loose-passive players that I felt compelled to call and try to get luck on the river. -Unknown

Internet Players

Several years ago, when the internet poker boom was just starting, essentially any online player was considered dead money in a major, live tournament. Most live pros felt that online players wouldn't be able to handle having to face their opponents, especially without any tools or crutches they use in the comfort of their own homes. Most considered Chris Moneymaker dead money back in 2003 when he won the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. After all, he won his seat via an online satellite, a concept foreign to many at the time. Now, internet players are taken much more seriously, and many are amongst the top players in the world.

Loose-Passive Players

One of the best kinds of games to sit in on is one filled with loose-passive players. These are the kinds of players who will play a very high percentage of hands, but will play them weakly, usually limping in to pots and laying down their hands to any sort of aggression. With several loose-passive players in a game, you will often find a lot of dead money in the pot, the result of these players playing loose before the flop, but giving up quickly thereafter.

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