Split Pot

word type: noun

  1. A hand ending in the same five-card poker hand for two or more players, who then chop the pot proportionally.

Split Pot Scenarios in Texas Hold'em

The most common scenario in which a split pot will occur in Texas Hold'em is when two or more players have one hole card in common which results in them completing the same five card hand. Some examples of this include two players having a card which completes a straight or two players having an Ace with two pair on the board. Split pots can also happen when the board makes a straight or a flush, but this is not as common as the previous examples.

Rake Implications

Split pots are not good in a heads-up match, as all that results is that the two players lose money to the rake. In a game with more than two people, the players can still make money from the split pot if there is dead money in the pot.

High/Low Games

High/Low game variants such as Omaha High/Low and Stud High/Low very frequently produce split pots, although not in the traditional sense as defined above. In these games, the player with the best, or high, hand wins half the pot and the player with the low hand wins half the pot.