word type: poker slang

  1. A community card that misses all players in a hand. For example, if players are heads-up holding J-Q and K-8, then a three falling on the turn would be a blank. It is synonymous with "brick" or "air."

Online Denotation

When recounting a hand for an online forum audience, the most common way of denoting a blank when listing the community cards is with an "x." For example, if you had 7-8 offsuit and wanted to show that you made a straight and the river was of no significance, you might list the board as 4-5-J-6-x. The "x" can also be used to designate a hole card that has no bearing on the hand ("he called me with A-x") or to represent a forgotten card.


Just because a card doesn't do anything for you, doesn't mean it is a blank. Always consider what your opponents may have before making a move based on the belief that a card is a blank.

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