word type: noun

  1. A community card that misses all players in a hand. It's synonymous with "blank" and "air." For example, if players hold 8-8 and A-K on a board of 9-7-10-Q, a four on the river is a brick.


Poker players often use the word 'brick' when referring to a hand in which they can't remember the exact card that fell on a given street, presumably because it didn't matter. For example, a player might say, "I flopped middle set on a K-9-4 rainbow board and it went check-check. The turn was a 7 and he check called, and then the river was an absolute brick and we got it in - he had KK." In this instance, the was probably something like a 2,3,5,6 or 8, because none of those cards can possibly change the relative strength of a set of nines.

Other Uses

The term can also be used as a verb that essentially means 'to miss' or 'to fail', in regards to both poker and life.

Example #1: "I spent two weeks in Vegas and bricked every live tournament I played!"

Example #2: "Man, I talked to so many chicks last night and I bricked out with every single one of them."