word type: adjective

  1. Describing a board in which each card is of a different suit. For example, a 4-5-8 flop with three different suits is a "rainbow" flop.

People Who Love Rainbow Flops

* Someone who flops top pair
* Someone who flops a set
* Someone who is all-in pre-flop against another player who has hole cards of the same rank, yet suited
* Rainbow Brite
* Care Bears
* Leprechauns

People Who Hate Rainbow Flops

* Someone who flops a full house
* Someone with suited hole cards
* Pessimists
* Murky Dismal
* Professor Coldheart

Math Time!

The probability of a rainbow flop is quite high compared to most other poker probabilities: 40%. If you have suited hole cards that match one of the suits on the flop, you will need to hit two running cards of that suit to make a flush. The chances of hitting that backdoor flush are 4.2%.

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