word type: adjective

  1. Two cards of differing suits; the opposite of "suited." The term is sometimes abbreviated as simply "off" as in "7-8 off."

Popular Uses

I prefer offsuit hole cards to suited ones because with offsuit cards, I can make a flush with two different suits! -Refreshingly novice player

If you raise with 7-2 offsuit, you get to raise when the flop is 7-7-2...once in your life. If you fold 7-2 offsuit, you get the free time to study your opponents or the waitresses and avoid polishing the rail with your sweater. Tough decision! -Unknown

You Should Also Know...

There are few things more painful in poker than getting all-in pre-flop with A-K suited against A-K offsuit and thinking you are on a virtual freeroll, only to end up seeing your opponent make his flush when four of his suited cards hit the board.

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