One Player to a Hand

word type: poker slang

  1. A rule stating that only one player may make decisions about his hand during the play of a poker game.

Simon Says STFU

If you are playing live poker, and you see your friend about to make a terrible laydown, and if you feel tempted to lean over and tell him not to fold--don't do it!

That's what the one-player-to-a-hand rule is there for: Each player is playing for himself in a poker game and may not get assistance or advice from anyone else at (or away from) the table.

Example of Violating the 1P2H Rule

Eric Liu to Michael Mizrachi during a 2008 WSOP PLO event: "If you fold now, I will laugh my ass off."

Is There a 1P2H Rule in Online Poker?

Basically, no. Lee Jones has said that since the 1P2H rule is unenforceable, and unenforceable rules are bad, that there is no such rule for online poker. FTP is less clear on the matter. All of this creates a number of problems when dealing with the issue of ghosting.