Full Tilt Down

word type: who knows

  1. This is commonly used on poker forums to ask if the Full Tilt Poker site is up and running correctly.

F Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker is down because they had their gambling license suspended, so now might be a good time to find another place to play online poker. Why not check out BankrollMob where you can find both FREE no deposit bonuses and the best signup deposit bonuses available, for lots of other great poker sites? Click here to learn more!

Correct Responses

Probably. -Anyone who has been around long enough to see Full Tilt go down all the time despite being a huge poker site that brings in millions of dollars per year

Dunno, but I *CAN* make a post titled "FTP Doug: Is Full Tilt Down?" which will surely get the question answered quickly. -Clever poker forum posters

Correct Action to Take After Using Term

Load up PokerStars and use the bonus code FTPDOWN to sign up for an account. That way at least Howard Lederer and the other Full Tilt Poker owners will get paid when you play on PokerStars (that's Full Tilt's PokerStars bonus code).

An alternate course of action is to sit there and attempt to load up the Full Tilt Poker client over and over while cursing your life (see FML for more details). This method is popular for people who use this term while deep in a big tournament.

Google versus Full Tilt

Could Full Tilt Poker be more like Google and never go down? The answer is yes. For more about why that doesn't happen, see the follow AIM log:

(10:03:20 PM) shaniac: does google ever 'go down'
(10:03:24 PM) shaniac: in the way that ftp might
(10:03:49 PM) GIFAFI: nah it can't
(10:03:55 PM) shaniac: sick
(10:04:00 PM) shaniac: why dont theyt make ftp like that?
(10:04:04 PM) GIFAFI: lol
(10:04:14 PM) GIFAFI: google is like... slightly more advanced technically
(10:05:16 PM) shaniac: interesting