word type: person

  1. The screen name of PokerStars player Bachir Boumaaza.
  2. A breakeven cash game poker player that makes so much in rewards he has gained widespread fame and fortune.


Machir 'Chiren80' Boumaaza is a cash game poker player on PokerStars. His background before becoming known in the world of poker was in professional computer gaming. After playing the highest levels of World of Warcraft, he turned to poker in 2009 and has been a breakeven player ever since. The funny thing is that he plays so many hands of poker that he actually makes great money playing poker through the lucrative PokerStars VIP rewards program.


According to Poker Table Ratings, Chiren80 has won $13,300 (as of February 2010) after playing 3,180,358 hands of poker. That equates to a win-rate of 0.12BB/100 which is for all intents and purposes, a break-even career. But because he plays so many hands, he not only achieves the SuperNova Elite status level worth about $115,000 he makes even more thanks to other bonuses that go beyond that VIP level. In addition he was named as an official member of Team PokerStars Online.