Supernova Elite

word type: noun

  1. The highest level of the PokerStars VIP Club and is worth over $114,000 in cash bonuses and other promotions to players who achieve the milstone.

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There are several notable perks for becoming a Supernova Elite member of the PokerStars VIP Club. They include:

- 400% FPPs Multiplier Bonus
- Milestone Cash Credits
- Supernova Elite VIP Store Access
- Weekly VIP tournaments
- Monthly VIP Tournaments
- Free Entry to Selected Major Tournaments (Free entry into the WCOOP main event plus your choice of two other major tournaments).

How to Achieve

To earn the rank of Supernova Elite on PokerStars a player must accumulate 1,000,000 VIP Player Points during the calendar year. According to calculations this requires a player to get 2,740 points every single day of the year to achieve this figure. Playing 100NL full ring ($0.50 - $1 blinds in a 9 handed game) yields approximately 0.35 VPPs per hand, meaning that a player at this level would have to play 8,058 hands per day, or 249,798 hands per month (assuming a 31 day month) every single month of the year to clear Supernova Elite on the last day of the year.