Concierge Service

word type: noun

  1. A special service offered by PokerStars to members of its SuperNova VIP club that allows a player to purchase an specific custom item worth $3,000 or more with FPP points.


According to PokerStars, 186,000 FPPs is equal to $3,000 through Concierge Service, which equates to 62 VPPs = $1. Items that are allowed to concierge include electronics, clothing, travel expenses (cruise vacations, plane tickets, etc), furniture, automobiles or anything that is a tangible consumer product. PokerStars stresses that you cannot concierge bills, taxes, stocks, groceries, VISA cards or mortgage payments but there has been some exceptions for paying tuition. To use the service players email the PokerStars VIP club with their request.