PokerStars VIP Club

word type: noun

  1. The rewards program in place at the PokerStars poker room that distributes VPP and FPP points to players which can be redeemed for bonuses, buy-ins and consumer products.

Earning Points

A player at PokerStars is automatically entered into their VIP Club Program at the "BronzeStar" level. Points are earned for each qualified ranked hand or tournament fee paid. There are two types of points: VIP Player Points (VPPs) and FPP credits.

A VPP determines a player's VIP Level in the VIP Club. They do not have value and are only a measurement to keep track of levels for the month or year.

An FPP is a credit which can be redeemed for items in the VIP Store. In the VIP store are cash bonuses, tournament entries or consumer products like clothing and electronic goods.

Calculating Points

To calculate points there is a system in place based on your VPP level. For FPP credits during cash game play, an FPP is awarded for playing in a hand (being dealt cards) for hands in which the rake reaches:

- $0.40 for fixed limit poker games with stakes $1/$2 and lower
- $0.40 for NL/PL games with blinds $1/$2 and lower
- $0.40 for "1-on-1" poker games
- $1 for all other games

A second FPP is awarded in a hand when the rake reaches:

- $2.00 for all 6-max tables
- $3 for all other tables

A third FPP is awarded for playing in a hand in which the rake reaches $5.

During tournament play five FPP credits are awarded for each $1 in tournament fees paid.

Levels and Multipliers

Each level receives a special FPP multiplier rate. Below is a list of each level and the FPP multiplier rate associated with it.

BronzeStar - No Multiplier
SilverStar - 50% Multiplier
GoldStar - 100% Multiplier
PlatinumStar - 150% Multiplier
SuperNova - 250% Multiplier
SuperNova Elite - 400% Multiplier