Countdown to Busto

word type: poker slang

  1. A countdown to when a player will lose their entire bankroll management due to poor bankroll management .


Often times a player will go on tilt and think they are better than they are or get so tilted that they feel they can only chase their losses at nosebleed stakes. They will continuously break their bankroll management guidelines to play in games bigger than they can handle, usually with disastrous results. When this happens, this player's peers begin a "Countdown to Busto" meaning they are guessing that the player will lose all their money in a short time.

A Sign You Need to Change

Suffice to say that if you hear that your friends have put you on a 'Countdown to Busto', it's probably time to reassess your game. At this point, you are one of two things: A) a losing player or B) a winning tilt monkey who just pisses all his winnings away. You don't want to be either, so, what should you do? Sometimes it's a hard thing to admit, but if you're a flat out losing player, you might want to looking into joining a training site such as Cardrunners. Poker players should always be trying to improve, and if this isn't your mindset, your ego is far too big. If your main problem is tilt or bankroll management, then things like setting tournament guidelines, stop-loss points, and simply taking breaks when you get frustrated will go a long way in helping you hold on to your winnings.