But How Much Did You Lose

word type: poker slang

  1. This classically annoying question is usually asked of a poker professional by an outsider to poker, who is skeptical that poker can be played for profit.
  2. As an inside joke in the poker community, this phrase can be used as a sly (or snappy) way to indicate that someone isn't winning as much as he seems to be.

Example Conversation 1

Skeptic: "So you're a professional poker player? You mean...people actually make money doing that?"

PPP (Professional Poker Player): "Yes, in fact I made one hundred and twelve thousand dollars last year playing poker."

Skeptic: "Right, but how much did you lose?"

Example Conversation 2

PPP1: "Brian Townsend is the best poker player ever...he won over one million dollars last night."

PPP2: "Right, but how much did he lose."