word type: noun

  1. A player who sits at online headsup tables, waiting strictly for weak competition from random players while refusing to play against winning players and regulars.

New Poker Term

This term was reportedly invented in 2008.

Bumhunter Accusation to Get Action?

FoxwoodsFiend called out Mad00house in this blog post.

He later recanted his accusation in this blog post. Here is a snippet to of the apology:

"Sorry for the harsh things I said about you, but it was purely in the context of trying to get action from you. I would like, especially, to rescind my disingenuous call out of you for being a "bumhunter." I have a few students who have told me you actually give them action and you've also played me before, so I give you props for being willing to take on regs and relatively tough competition."

DOG IS HEAD's Take on Bumhunters

DOG IS HEAD, also known as INTERNET POKERS on Full Tilt Poker, offers up his feelings on bumhunting in this 2p2 post.

Top Bumhunters

RoJoSox, Spiked, kaintd77

People Who Aren't Bumhunters

stevesbets, durrrr

tsifknits is probably not a bumhunter. BBJ/nycballer thinks he is, FoxwoodsFiend thinks he isn't.