word type: noun

  1. Forced bet to ensure action in a hand.

Popular Uses

Since I was in the big blind and thus had already put in the minimum bet, I got a "free" look at the flop when nobody raised. -Unknown


Because these bets must be placed before the players see any cards, the players are said to be betting "blind."

You Should Also Know...

Blinds exist in cash games to give players more incentive to play the hand in order to recoup the cost of paying the blinds, as well as to stoke the pot to give everybody an incentive to play more than just the very best hands. In tournament play, blinds also serve as a means to control the duration of the tournament and encourage more action. Because blinds increase as the tournament progresses, players must attempt to win chips rapidly enough so that the blinds do not become too large in comparison to their chip stacks. Those who do not keep up with the blinds will be culled from the field. The faster the blinds increase, the shorter the tournament.

Related Terms

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