Big Blind

word type: noun

  1. The larger of two forced bets made to ensure action in every hand. The person in the big blind is seated two places to the left of the dealer. The big blind is typically twice the small blind.

Big Blind Disadvantage

The big blind acts second after the small blind post-flop, which means that the player in that position will have no new information on almost all of his opponents in each betting round. Additionally, and perhaps obviously, the big blind is down money in the hand immediately.

Big Blind Advantage

Because the big blind is forced to put money in the pot before being dealt cards, the player in that position will, at times, be able to conceal the strength of his hand pre-flop if nobody raises. Every so often, this can result in the big blind winning a large pot with a hand that nobody expected.

In a Hurry?

If you sit down at a table before the big blind reaches your seat, you can post an extra big blind early in order to be dealt into the hand. You still must pay the big blind when it finally reaches you, though, so most players feel posting early is a waste of money.

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