Big Blind Special

word type: poker slang

  1. A reference to when a player in the big blind wins a significant pot in part because nobody made a raise during the preflop round of betting.


Let's say there are four players to the flop (all limped and checked) including you in the BB with 78 offsuit. The flop comes A78, and the first person to act (who limped in) bets $50 and when everyone folds to you, you decide to jam for $120 and get called. The villan shows AT offsuit and you are way ahead with 78. The turn is an 8 (giving you a boat) and the river is a 2. You have just experienced a 'big blind special'.

2003 WSOP ME - Big Blind Special

The 2003 World Series of Poker was decided by a hand that could be considered a big blind special. On a board of J-5-4, Sam Farha got all-in with JT vs. Chris Moneymaker who flopped bottom two pair. Moneymaker held and was crowned 2003 WSOP Champion.

Below is a video of the final hand between Farha and Moneymaker.