word type: verb

  1. Just calling the minimum bet possible. Limping could mean just calling the big blind in Texas Hold'em or the small bet in Stud or Razz. Limping is associated with trying to see a "cheap flop" holding a hand with a lot of potential.


This term likely comes from the idea that a person walking with a limp is injured and is exhibiting weakness. Likewise, someone who only bets the minimum in a poker hand appears to have a weak or marginal hand and is therefore said to be "limping."

No Sympathy

Be forewarned, ye who dare limp with pocket Aces, you shall be given no sympathy should they be cracked. Raise, raise, raise, lest you live a life of scorn!

There's Always a "But"

While limping with a monster hand like Aces or Kings pre-flop is typically a bad idea, as you are just asking your opponents to outdraw you, a well-timed limp can be effective. If you have noticed an opponent being over-aggressive, a limp re-raise can work. Simply limp with your big hand, wait for him to raise, and then come back over the top.

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