word type: poker slang

  1. To win with a poorer starting hand against a stronger starting hand. Beating pocket aces with J-10 would be described as "cracking aces."
  2. A smokable solid form of cocaine.

Popular Uses

Effing donkey cracked my Kings with 3-9 offsuit. 3 effing 9! What kind of moron would play that hand? -Someone who fancies himself a good poker player

Thanks for not raising my big blind. -Guy with 3-9 offsuit

Say No to Crack!

While there is no sure-fire way to avoid getting a strong hand cracked, the best way to prevent it is to raise, raise, raise. One of the biggest mistakes novice players make is to let their opponents see cards for free or cheap, which increases the chances of a suckout.

You Should Also Know...

If you are going to go all-in pre-flop against someone who has pocket Aces, the hand that gives you the best chance at cracking the best starting hand in hold'em is 5-6 suited. In this situation, 5-6 suited has 22.499% equity against A-A.

What Would Cowboy Curtis Think?

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