Dirty Outs

word type: poker slang

  1. When a player is in a hand and formulating the total number of outs and refers to those that may not actually be outs as being "dirty" because they would actually give an opponent a better hand.


For example, a player is in a hand and has an open ended straight draw against one villain. The board is two-toned, meaning there are two of a suit on the board.

Player A: 7h 8c
Board: As 9s 6d

The player can count 8 "outs" meaning there are 8 cards that can come that give him a straight - any 10 or 5 card. However, since there are two spades on the board, the 10 of spades and the 5 of spades can be referred to as "dirty outs" since it could give the opponent in the hand a flush.