Gutshot Straight

word type: noun

  1. A straight made by hitting an "inside" card. For example, a straight made by hitting a 7 on a board of 6-9-10 when a player holds A-8 is a gutshot straight. If the gutshot straight has not yet been made, it is referred to as a "gutshot straight draw." The term is a synonym of "belly buster" or "inside."

You Should Also Know...

You need not make a gutshot straight just by hitting an "inside" card. A gutshot straight can also be made by hitting an "outside" card for which there is no corresponding bookend. For example, if you have A-2-3-4 and hit a 5, you have just made a gutshot straight because there is nothing lower than the Ace (which, in this case, plays as a low card when using it as part of a straight) that can make a different straight. In both this example and in traditional gutshot straights, you have 4 outs to make your hand.

World Series of Poker

The final hand of the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event featured an improbable gutshot straight. Jerry Yang, who had steamrolled the table to that point, raised pre-flop with pocket 8's. Tuan Lam moved all-in with A-Q and Yang called. The flop of 5-Q-9 put Lam ahead and now Yang needed either one of two 8's to re-take the lead or hit a runner-runner straight. The 7 on the turn gave him an opening, presenting a gutshot straight draw, and the 6 on the river completed the gutshot for him, giving Yang the championship.

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