Bottom Set

word type: noun

  1. Holding three of a kind including the lowest-ranked card on the board. For example, a player with pocket sevens on a board of 9-8-7 holds bottom set.

Being on the Bottom is Fun

Flopping "bottom" set may have a slightly negative connotation (how often is "bottom" good?), but flopping any sort of set is fantastic. You are typically still vulnerable to the same hands, straights and flushes, as someone with top set is. The bonus is that now there is a better chance that someone else flopped top pair than there would be if you flopped top set, thus increasing your chances of cleaning someone out.

Not a Bad Beat, But a Bad Way to Lose

Sometimes, however, flopping bottom set can be dreadful.

Hero ($1,355)
B2 ($2,140)
B1 ($1,850)
BN ($2,715)
SB ($940)

BN is the button.

SB posts the small blind $60, Hero posts the big blind $120.

Preflop: Hero is dealt 2d 2s (5 active) B2 raises to $240, 3 folds, Hero calls $120.

Flop: 2h 5c 6s ($540, 2 active) ====> Flopped a set! Giggity.
Hero checks, B2 bets $120, Hero calls $120.

Turn: 2h 5c 6s 5s ($780, 2 active) ====> Boat! Giggity, giggity!
Hero checks, B2 bets $120, Hero raises to $300, B2 calls $180.

River: 2h 5c 6s 5s Ts ($1,380, 2 active) ====> Time to double-up! Alllriight!
Hero bets $695 (all-in), B2 calls $695.

Final Pot: $2,770
Hero, net: -$1,355, Lost at showdown, has 2d 2s (a Full House, Twos over Fives)
B2, net: $1,415, Won at showdown, has 5d 5h (Four of a Kind, Fives) ====> ZOMG RIGGED.
SB, net: -$60, Folded Preflop

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