Top Set

word type: noun

  1. Making trips using the highest-ranked card on the board. For example, on a board of 10-4-3-2-Q, holding pocket queens would mean having the top set. Flopping top set means this happens on the flop.

More Examples

On a 2-7-J board, if you hold JJ you have flopped 'top set'.

On a board of 7-T-2-A-4, if you hold AA you have 'top set'.

Hand Strength

Top set is obviously a strong hand, but like everything in poker, its strength is relative. On ragged boards, top set on the flop is usually the nuts. But if you hold top set on a flop that contains all hearts, you obviously don't have the nuts. Speaking generally though, in most cases top set is a hand you should be willing to move in with, if you get the chance.