Bottom End

word type: poker slang

  1. Having the least valuable end of a straight.


Let's say you're in a hand with 78 offsuit. The board ends up running 2-9-T-J-4. On this board you have the bottom end of the straight (jack-high). Having the bottom end is obviously less desirable than the top end, which in this case would be KQ for king-high straight. However, in this example, you're going to go broke if you run into KQ or Q8, because folding the third-nuts isn't usually advisable.

Another Example

Let's say you get involved in a heads-up pot with the SB from the BB. You have 35, and the flop comes down 6-7-8 rainbow. Your opponent leads out and you decide to call because you have an OESD. When an offsuit 9 drops on the turn, your opponent checks and you slyly check back with your straight. The river bricks a deuce, and your opponent bets half the pot. You decide to make the minimum raise, only to see the SB move all-in. At this point, you should muck your hand because your opponent likely has a T for the higher end of the straight. Bottom-end straights FTL.