Liar's Poker

word type: noun

  1. This game bears little resemblance to traditional poker, although it does share some strategic elements, like probability and bluffing, as well as a touch of psychology.
  2. A book by Michael Lewis named after the game, published in 1989 about bond traders on Wall Street.

How to Play

Two or more players place bids using the serial numbers from dollar bills (preferably hundred dollar bills) as values. The game is played where the numeral 1 is high or an "ace" and 2 is low.

Sample Hand

Player 1 opens with three 3s, player 2 counters with three aces. Player 1 counters by bidding four 3s. Now, player 2 may choose to outbid his opponent (by going with something like five 3s or four 4s) or he may "challenge" the player, believing there to be fewer than four 3s between the two bills combined. If there are four or more 3s between the two competing bills, the challenger loses.